STEM as Design and Innovation

Professional Development: Design SySTEM Package

This PD package will approach STEM as Design and Innovation, and is designed for schools subscribed to the Design SySTEM curriculum. The PD will help teachers build a common STEM framework and a coherent approach for instruction.

This package will lead teachers through pedagogy and lesson application.

Please note that this PD package is designed to be school staff-led (making PD much more affordable), voice narration and all content provided. It would be the school's responsibility to collect the materials, technology, space, and staff necessary for implementation. These packages will only provide schools with the presentation content needed to deliver PD.

The PD package will cover the following topic areas: 

  • Innovation
  • Project-Based Learning
  • "Traditional" vs. "New" Knowledge Space
  • "Linear" vs. "Random" Learning
  • "4 Cs" and "21st Century Skills" (
  • Elementary STEM framework
  • Differentiating STEM
  • Lesson Simulations
  • Measuring Student Progress
  • PLCs
  • Design SySTEM Onboarding

Estimated delivery time: 5 hours

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STEM as Design and Innovation (Design SySTEM)

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